Community Concepts Inc.

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Who We Are

Working for Discriminated Youth, Everywhere!

We are Community Concepts Inc, an international startup nonprofit based in Boston, Massachusetts. Our mission is to ensure social economic justice for discriminated youths in developing countries, particularly Africa. We particularly seek to address the plight of youths that are discriminated. Our work is focused upon countering and defeating socioeconomic challenges that are a consequence of ignorance or misconceived government policies. Our vision is equitable provision of opportunity for all youths so that they are empowered to live fulfilling and prosperous lives. We aim to give hope to the youths in poor countries so they can meaningfully provide a foundation upon which the futures of their communities are built.

 Started in July 2016, the founder of Community Concepts Inc was perturbed by the colossal amounts of aid and development finance poured into poor countries over the years but which have borne little progress. A quick assessment led him to conclude that a few factors were primarily responsible: Lack of scientific management in affected areas of the world, and intrinsic poor political leadership. At Community Concepts Inc we therefore seek to practice scientific management in our pursuits; for example, if we cannot measurably define the problem we do not engage in its solution. We seek to understand and measure the problem, and be able to evaluate impact.

 We are also guided by the belief that to fundamentally change socioeconomic life in poor communities of the world focus ought to be targeted at youths. It is futile to premise the future of communities upon younger people who themselves have no hope; this way the cycle of poverty and social injustice will never end. We thus aim to focus upon empowering the youth, especially those discriminated due to socioeconomic injustices embedded in the communities and at times perpetuated by the State. We are compassionate but fearless purveyors of socioeconomic justice.

Vision and Values

At CCI, we set out to empower youths in developing economies. We believe that youths hold the future of any community. In Africa, for example, 20% of the population is aged between 15 and 34. We aim to turn the youths from being a community burden to strength.

Our team seeks to empower them so that they can successfully be the growth engines of their communities. As a youth-in- development-focused nonprofit organization, our mission is to turn youths’ challenges into opportunities.

Organizational Goals and Objectives

empowering youths in Africa

In 2014, two analysts gave two seemingly different arguments which were essentially similar in focus: Researcher Andrews Atta-Asamoah stated that the exploding Africa’s youths population “poses a major challenge unless properly managed,” whereas economist Jean-Michelle Severino argued that “it is a massive work force that can drive development”

Here at Community Concepts Inc., we hold fast to our mission in mind: to turn youths challenges into opportunities. Our goals include:

  • Comprehending socioeconomic challenges and how they impact the youths in various parts of the world.
  • Implementing community participatory development
  • Making the youths a pivot of development

  • Integrating youths into regional, continental, and global markets and seeking to create a truly integrated and mutually beneficial global community that works for international peace and prosperity of humankind


  • Carry out empirical assessment of identifiable socioeconomic challenges and establish how they turn youths into a burden upon communities
  • Design appropriate interventional programs and projects aimed at empowering youths to overcome socioeconomic challenges and become drivers of change in their communities

  • Innovate and implement programs that integrate and promote community engagement
  • Innovate and create partnerships that link youths with youths from other regions of the world meant to create linkages and boost opportunities